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Robots for Precision Painting & Surface Finishing of Wood, Plastic, Metal, Ceramics & Composite Materials


Color Change System:

Through this option, the robot is able to automatically manage the spraygun washing and color/product change phases, depending from the information regarding the parts to be sprayed

Rotating Devices:

Devices for the automatic rotation of the pieces can be integrated both on aerial conveyors and on the ground. The rotation axis can be interpolated with the other axes of the machine, in order to avoid dead times and to be able to manage the position, the angle and the rotation speed.

Nozzle Cleaning System:

It is an accessory that keeps the nozzle clean and free from any residue, ensuring a continuous and constant spraying process.

Proportional Valves


Valve set, digitally controlled by the robot, which allows to modify and store the spray parameters. In this way, the operator can save different parameters depending on the type of surface to be sprayed, which the robot will use in the automatic cycle phase.