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Robots for Precision Painting & Surface Finishing of Wood, Plastic, Metal, Ceramics & Composite Materials


Automatic Solutions for Glazing, Enameling, or Gel Coating of Ceramic Sinks, Toilets, Shower Trays, Bathtubs, Advertising Panels, and Other Ceramic or Composite Components

EPISTOLIO robots are used for the automatic glazing of sinks, toilets, shower trays, and bathtubs, and advertising panels.  They also can be used to apply gel coats on bathtubs and in the nautical sector and spraying release agents on ceramic molds. Our robots are designed, engineered, and built specifically to work in aggressive environments, such as glazing booths. Stainless steel components guarantee greater resistance to corrosive agents and humidity, typical variables of glazing cells. The MRK 6.1 Operator Repeat Programming (ORP) robot can be equipped with one or two spray guns, allowing a quick and uniform glazing and a four-arm rotating carousel that can drastically reduce installation and testing times in most applications.

Special applications can be customized to specific customer requirements.