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Robots for Precision Painting & Surface Finishing of Wood, Plastic, Metal, Ceramics & Composite Materials

WINSIX Painting, Coating and Finishing Robot

Robust, High-Quality, Reliable, Low Maintenance Robot for Fluid and Precise Application of Paint and Coatings Using 2D or 3D Scanning System

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The WINSIX robot is recommended for the painting of windows and doors, kitchen cabinet doors, stacked panel edges, caskets, or any other application. Especially useful for the painting and finishing of large work areas and families of parts that lend themselves to parametric interpretation. Integration of the vision system allows automatic recognition and detection of the pieces as required. The WINSIX robot can be equipped with hardware and software to control automatic color-changing devices, automatic cleaning brushes for gun nozzles, and the remote management of the painting parameters. 

EPI 3D Vision Scan & Paint Allows Parametric Programming



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Scanning & Auto Recognition Capability

The EPI-WINVISION is a 2D (optional 3D) vision/programming system to instruct the robot to paint your product correctly. The system scans the image of the pieces while they are moving on the conveyor and send instructions directly to the robot using parametric parameters set by the operator.

EPI 3D Vision

This hardware and software package is designed for the analysis and partitioning of 3D surfaces, detected by cameras or laser scanners. The shapes generated by the software are processed to obtain and create an optimized painting path. Depending on the type of parts to be painted, different recipes can be saved by managing numerous parameters of both the robot and the gun. 

EPI 3D Vision Scan & Paint Allows Parametric Programming



EPI-Offline Robot Programming and Simulation

This software allows offline programming of the robot from 2D and 3D drawings of the pieces. In the case of 2D drawings, it is possible to use DXF drawings to manage the spraying of surfaces, edges, and milled on flat pieces. In the case of 3D design, the robot is programmed as a numerical control machine, starting from a CAD / CAM base which is WINSIX – Simulation used to import the drawing of the piece to be painted and generate the tool path. After that, EPI-SIMULATION allows you to simulate the program created in a 3D environment and convert it into the robot’s language.

Software Customization

Our multilingual software that manages the robot has been entirely developed within our company and can be customized to meet your needs. All the robots are supplied with a touch-screen industrial PC for practical and intuitive management control of the robot.

Robot Accessories:

Various robot accessories are available, including:

  • Color Changing Systems
  • Rotating Devices
  • Lifting Devices
  • Nozzle Cleaning System
  • Proportional Valves
  • RFID Entry
  • Barcode Entry
  • Conveyor Position Recognition